Mtho Biyela

A Johannesburg based creative entrepreneur, currently improving user experience & interface design with creative solutions aimed at getting your brand to breathe again or simply to start a new life.

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To help bring your ideas to life and to make your brand stand out in the crowd. I aid my clients with everything from conceptual product design, digital design, digital content, social media and web design & development.

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Web Design & Dev.

From the front-end (what users see) to the back-end (how the system works), building and improving a website requires left brain and right brain cooperation. Pretty much what I do!

Branding & Design

Conceptualizing customer focused designs with a great understanding of the brand to develop creative, data-driven visuals that communicate the brand message.

Social Media Management

Building communities through varied forms of interaction that feel trustworthy and personal to your customers and community members whilst maintaining an authentic voice and presence on social media.

Content Marketing

Creating content to provide value beyond a product or service by aligning customer wants, needs and expectations as they relate to content, products, services and support.

You imagine, I create...

A selection of my most solid work yet.

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Publications and articles about my thoughts, concepts, lessons and experiences.

Exposing “Exposure”

I fell so hard for this honeypot called exposure, you’d swear it was my first love who’d later break my heart and that they did… shatter my heart into pieces.

How I get things done...

... with you every step of the way.


First, it’s important to understand what is important to you. That’s why I educate myself on every detail about your project, market, initiatives and overall business goals. Apologies in advance – I ask a lot of questions.


All that learning can’t be applied in a bubble, I’ll need to work with you to build a solid plan. The sum of my experience and thorough research is applied collaboratively to a strategic blueprint.


Using just the right amount of process, creativity and tools I apply to design & develop a solution that will position you for comprehensive growth.


This is when your growth journey begins. The strategy will involve ongoing assessment, measurement, innovation, optimization, supplies, product development and creative marketing.

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